Tamworth Wind Band COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Title:  Tamworth Wind BandDate of Assessment:  11/09/2020Risk Assessor:  TWB Committee (Lorna McIntyre)
Task/Process:  Returning to rehearsalPeople at Risk: Band members
The Risk:  Resuming rehearsals could lead to an indeterminable number of band members passing infection to one another.
How Tamworth Wind Band plans to eliminate the risk:
Ensure that all band members are fully aware of all up-to-date government guidance on amateur music groups and current social distancing guidelines.  
Ensure that the venue (DAC/District Activity Centre) is COVID-Secure and can accommodate safe rehearsals. 
Every band member is fully aware of Tamworth Wind Band’s safety measures and risk assessments.
Appropriate assessment of venue (including entrance/exit, access to hand washing facilities, maximum capacity of rehearsal space)
Reduction of members attending per rehearsal and group by household/support bubble whenever possible and reasonable.
Introduction of Test and Trace to rehearsals, including an up-to-date register filled in weekly.
COVID-19 Vulnerability Survey launched to discover who may require support or individual discussion, and which band members are willing/unwilling to return.
Reduction of rehearsal time to exclude a social break/refreshments.
Band members are to bring their own stands where possible to limit handling of items by multiple people.
Music handling to be limited to the individual band member and musical director and will be quarantined for 1 week before repeated use/handling.
Band members will be instructed not to attend rehearsal if they have any symptoms of COVID-19. They will need to contact tamwindband@gmail.com to inform the committee, then inform the committee of their test result.
The Risk:  Refreshments/Food and Drink:  Potential risk of cross contamination
How Tamworth Wind Band plans to eliminate the risk:
Rehearsals shall be shortened to eliminate a break. Refreshments will not be provided.
Band members can bring their own drinks should they wish to but must not be shared or left unattended in the rehearsal venue.
The Risk: Cross contamination from equipment and surfaces that have regular contact
How Tamworth Wind Band plans to eliminate the risk:
All band members are expected to not handle any other members’ personal belongings.
All band members are expected to use the provided hand sanitiser upon entry to the DAC.
Each member handles only their own chair.
All music will be quarantined for at least 1 week before it is handled again.
Any door handles that are used by band members will be cleaned using the provided anti-viral spray upon exit of the DAC.
Toilet facilities are no longer gender specific and operate a one-in-one-out system. 
The Risk: Ill-health as a result of the transfer of coronavirus through cross contamination after contact with waste (accidental or otherwise)
How Tamworth Wind Band plans to eliminate the risk:
All used cleaning products are to be collected and double-bagged. 
The Risk: Band members on the premises may be at risk of exposure to members who are carrying coronavirus, knowingly or unknowingly
How Tamworth Wind Band plans to eliminate the risk:
Members are expected to maintain social distancing (2m without face coverings) at all times during rehearsals.
Physical contact, such as handshakes, hugs, etc. is to be avoided at all times with those outside of household bubbles.
Should a task (e.g. movement of boxes) require more than one person, this should be limited to members of the same household/support bubble.
The rehearsal area will be designed before the rehearsal to allow members to be 2m away from other members (in their household groups) at all times while rehearsing.
Band members must not attend rehearsals if they have any symptoms of COVID-19, and must inform the committee as soon as possible.
The Risk: Vulnerable members with existing health conditions are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, which may have a significant increased adverse affect on their health and wellbeing.
How Tamworth Wind Band plans to eliminate the risk:
All band members will have the opportunity to discuss and express concerns prior to returning to rehearsal, and will be welcome to opt out should they believe they are of higher risk.
The Risk: Inadequate cleaning & hygiene standards pose a risk of spreading infection by way of cross-contamination from surfaces contaminated with the coronavirus.
How Tamworth Wind Band plans to eliminate the risk:
Cleaning supplies have been provided by the DAC. This includes antiviral cleaning spray, disinfectant spray, disposable paper cloths, disposable disinfectant cleaning wipes and protective gloves.
The Risk: Band members may be unaware of current government guidance and restrictions.
How Tamworth Wind Band plans to eliminate the risk:
The DAC is equipped with suitable posters and signage to remind all members of their social distancing responsibilities.
Any significant update to either social distancing regulations or advice to amateur musicians will be communicated to the band via email.
Document related to this risk assessmentTamworth Wind Band General Risk Assessment
Date of Review:01/09/2021
Signed by Chair of the Committee:Lorna McIntyre