1. What’s In This Policy?

  • This Policy Tells You:
    • What information we may store about you.
    • What we may do with this information.
    • The circumstances in which we may contact you.
    • Whether we may share your data.
    • What you can do about the data that is stored about you.

2. What Is Covered By This Policy?

  • This Policy Covers:
    • The Tamworth Wind Band Website
    • Other Tamworth Wind Band online presences, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • This Policy DOES NOT Cover:
    • The data held about you by any 3rd party organisation to which you may submit information.

3. What Steps We Take To Protect Your Data:

  • Here at Tamworth Wind Band, we take privacy extremely seriously. We take all actions possible to protect your data.
  • However, it must be remembered that all methods of data storage and data transfer are not 100% secure and safe from threats. If your data becomes compromised, we will take steps to notify you immediately.

4. Types Of Data That May Be Stored:

  • When entering data, you may be asked to provide data such as your name, age, date of birth, address, etc. This will only be shared with 3rd parties when entering information related to that company. All other data will be stored securely on our servers.
  • Cookies on this page may also store your device information, including your IP Address, Device ID, App ID, Vendor ID and Advertising ID. This may be collected either by ourselves or by services which display links on our site.
  • If you mention us or contact us online, your social profile details may also be recorded. If emailing us, these details may also be saved.

5. How Long Will We Keep Your Data?

  • We will only keep your data while we have any reason to keep it. If we no longer require the data, and it isn’t required by any 3rd party, then we will delete the data.
  • An exception to this is your IP (Internet Protocol) address which allows your network to be identified. This may be kept for longer for statistical reasons.

6. How May We Use Your Details?

  • We will NEVER sell your data to anyone.
  • Third-Party advertisers may use this data in order to show adverts that are targeted towards you personally.
  • Your IP may be stored in order to keep a record of how many visits the site has received.

7. When Will We Use Your Information To Contact You?

  • We will contact you if your data has been kept longer than it should have or if the data is breached in order to inform you.

8. Will I Be Contacted For Marketing Purposes?

  • You would only be contacted for marketing purposes if you have specifically asked to do so. You can unsubscribe at any time.

9. When Would We Share Your Data With Others?

  • Your data will only be shared with others if you have expressed permission to do so, and the details will only be shared with the company for which you have given permission.

10. What About Under 18s?

  • Depending on the type of data, parental permission may be required or age restrictions may be put into place.
  • The rest of the data policy remains the same.

11. Can I Delete My Information?

  • If you have shared your data with us, you can request that it is deleted immediately.

12. What Are My Rights?

  •  You Have The Right To:
    • Request a copy of the information.
    • Not let robots make big decisions about you.
    • Ask us to correct or delete incorrect information, provided that you can prove it’s incorrect.
    • To ask us to stop using your information.

13. How Are Cookies Used On Our Page?

  • Some pages on this website may use cookies in order to show information that has been specifically targeted towards you. You can turn off cookie advert tracking in your browser settings.

14. What If This Privacy Policy Changes?

  • If our data privacy policy changes and we still have a record of your details, we will try to contact you by email in order to let you know about this.

15. How Can I Contact Tamworth Wind Band?

  • Visit our Contact Us page for details on how to get in touch.


Updated Wednesday 16th September 2022

Version 1.0